Swimming Sessions

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We love swimming. Here's your guide to the wide range of sessions to choose from. 

If you need any assistance, call 01843 585111.

Gavid Vickers - Indoor Leisure Manager

Opening Times

Monday - Friday - 6:30am - 10:30pm

Saturday & Sunday - 7am - 9:30pm 

Your Swimming Sessions

Ramsgate Leisure Centre has a 25 metre swimming pool with lanes and free swim area.

Plus, a teaching pool perfect for children, learners or those who want to just float about.

If you already know which session is suitable for you, please click on the button below to see Ramsgate's swimming time tables.

You can view our pool admission policies by at the bottom of this page.

Swimming Session Descriptions

Swim 4 All (Open Session)

These are public sessions and are therefore open to all. We will always try to ensure that there are lanes available for lane swimming during these sessions.*

Early Riser Adult Swim

Early morning session for adults only*.

*During schools holidays, times may vary please refer to programme.

Adult Only (Over 16s)

Adult only sessions. These are public sessions for adults to enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere. Lanes will be available for length/fitness swimming.

Early Riser Lane Swim

Early morning Lane sessions predominantly for Adults only.

Lanes will be designated as fast, medium and relaxed and swimmers should ensure they are in the correct lane for their ability.

Parent & Toddler

An hour of fun with your little ones in the comfort of our teaching pools. Swimming aids, floats and toys will be available to assist in building confidence and introducing the benefits of swimming for little ones.

*Please note where other groups or activities operate within “Swim 4 All” sessions the lane availability may be reduced. Please check with a member of our customer services team.

Your Leisure Swimming Pool Admission Policy

The Your Leisure Swimming Pools Admission Policy aims to safeguard swimmers that are most at risk when bathing. The policy does not intend to prevent families and children having fun in the water and enjoying the physical and social benefits of swimming, nor create unnecessary barriers for parents and carers when accessing our facilities.

The policy takes into account recommendations from the Chartered Institute of the Management of Sports and Physical Activity (CIMPSA). It is important to note that the rules relating to child:parent ratios will differ depending upon the number of bathers in the swimming pools. Your Leisure reserve the right to change the ratio at any time to ensure maximum safety.

General Policy

  • All Children under the age of 8 must be accompanied by a responsible person of 16 years or above
  • The responsible person must go into the water with the child/children they are accompanying
  • Whilst in the pool the responsible person should maintain a constant watch over the child/children they are accompanying and be in close contact with children who are weak or non-swimmers

In accordance with the Chartered Institute of the Management of Sports and Physical Activity (CIMSPA) guidelines and our own Risk assessments we enforce the following policy.

Children under the age of 8 years must be accompanied into the pool at all times by a responsible adult (Over 16 years) and on a ratio of no more than 1 adult to 2 children. Children under the age of 4 years must be accompanied into the pool by a responsible adult on a ratio of 1 adult to 1 child. However the ratio becomes 1 adult to 2 children in the event every child under 4 is wearing suitable buoyancy aid.

Buoyancy Aids Accepted under this policy are those that fully support the child’s weight in the water and remain secure in and out of the water.

E.g. Arm Bands or Float suits. Buoyancy aides that are hand held are not considered appropriate.

Please note: Customer will be asked to remove any fun inflatables not constituting a buoyancy aid if bather numbers reach the centre's maximum bathing load.

Please note: Lifeguards will request a swim test for children entering deep water if they appear to lack confidence or do not demonstrate water confidence in their swimming ability. Failure to complete the test will result in restricted usage being applied to the child (i.e. they must stay in the shallow end of the swimming pool)

Note: Swimming aids e.g. armbands, must be manufactured to approved standards and carry a kite mark or BS EN number.
Your Leisure reserves the right to deviate from the above policy in response to varying bather loads and the demands of the pool programmes.

Lane Etiquette

To ensure your lane swimming session is an enjoyable one, the following lane etiquette guidelines have been developed to assist all swimmers.

Step 1: Select a lane based on your swimming ability or how you intend to swim during your visit
Step 2: Whilst swimming, follow the clockwise or anti-clockwise directions indicated by the lane sign
Step 3: Give way to faster lane users
Step 4: Respect other users at all times

  • If you have to move across any lanes, check both directions before moving
  • You may need to consider switching lanes if you are changing your stroke i.e crawl to breaststroke and this effects your level of ability and speed
  • When at the end of a lane, move towards the corners of the lane to allow other swimmers to continue swimming laps
  • Please leave a small space between yourself and others in your lane to minimise the risk of injury

Consideration must be given to other lane users at all times

The following times are provided as a guidance only for lane designations:

  • Medium lane: One length between 30 and 60 seconds
  • Relaxed lane: One length slower than 60 seconds
  • Fast lane: One length faster than 30 seconds

The above times are only a guide and the lifeguards will monitor the lanes according to the abilities of all the swimmers on the day. Please do not be offended if you are asked to move to another lane.

Thank you for your help and enjoy your swim.