FeelGood Factory

We are so proud of our FeelGood Factory project. It has had an incredible positive effect on the local community and is helping hundreds of local residents to "Feel Good".

If you need any assistance call 03333 660661 or email CST@yourleisure.uk.com and a Customer Support Agent will be able to help. Our Customer Support Team is available Mon-Fri, 8am - 5pm and Sat/Sun 8am - 2pm. 

What is the FeelGood Factory?

The FeelGood Factory at Ramsgate and Hartsdown offers a revolutionary way to lose weight and improve your health via a completely unique 50-60-minute workout using power assisted equipment, which is specifically designed to achieve maximum results with minimum effort. 

This low impact exercise is ideal for people with osteoporosis, mobility problems, joint problems, poor posture, muscle tone problems or those rehabilitating from sporting injuries. Our pre-defined, 50-60-minute circuit offers members a work out which exercises all the major muscle groups. You’ll get the best workout by working along WITH the machine NOT against it!

The FeelGood Factory truly brings you the smartest, easiest and most intelligent work out on the market.

How do I access the FeelGood Factory?

You can book sessions at either Hartsdown or Ramsgate FeelGood Factory on a pay-as-you-go basis or get unlimited* access with one of our great value Live Better Memberships. 

Our Live Better MOVE Memberships gives you access to the FeelGood Factory and unlimited* swimming. Plus, you can also use the FeelGood Factory if you have a GROOVE PLUS, GROOVE, ENERGIZE or ESCAPE Membership.

There are so many ways to enjoy the FeelGood Factory & our FeelGood team are always on-hand to support your health journey every step of the way. 

Join online or book online via the app today!

Please note, you can only book FeelGood sessions via the Live Better app or via the centres. Unfortunately, the web browser version of online booking does not support FeelGood Factory bookings.

Watch the video below to learn more about this revolutionary way to stay active without having to go to an intense gym...

Meet the machines...

Here's what some of our members have to say...

I joined to help with my health and mobility. It helped to bring my high blood pressure down. I've lost weight, inches and it has also helped with my diabetes.


FeelGood Factory Member

The machines are absolutely fantastic to use, you can use little effort or a lot of effort, either way they work. They are easy to use, and couldn't harm anyone. The staff are so helpful and caring, they will always guide you through a workout.


FeelGood Factory Member

Where to find us

FeelGood Factory Hartsdown

Address: Hartsdown Leisure Centre, Hartsdown Rd, Margate CT9 5QX

Phone: 0333 366 0661

FeelGood Factory Ramsgate

Address: Ramsgate Leisure Centre, High St, Ramsgate CT11 9TT

Phone: 0333 366 0661

Need some assistance? Contact us to find out more, or get help with joining.

*Unlimited usage during public sessions/activity programmes and centre opening times. Members are able to book activity sessions online. Activity bookings based on capacity and first come-first-served. View all activity programmes in the app.